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Bat has returned to her birthplace, Rainbowria,
where her mother grew up.
The 17-year-old Bat, as the princess of the Black Knight Queen,
has roused the sealed Starship from its sleep.
The story follows Bat's adventures in the mysterious Starship.
She returned to Starship as a typical student. She became a master resident of Starship and began to draw to her amazing companions that included Thunder-sword.
The four musketeers (Above, from the left) known as Hu Chen, Lone Wolf, Jet the Monkey and Iron Bull.
RIGHT: From "The Glasses of Power"
Like an Alice in Wonderland, and something like world created with black humor, the story has a different beauty and attractiveness that is not present in COBRA or Goku.
UP: Checkmate City Below: The character Tsutan-kamen (Tsutan-masked man, derived from Tutankhamen) is a general store merchant, who appears out of everywhere at any time.
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