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In 1977, since the birth of COBRA, 20 years have passed. During that long period, COBRA fans have come to love COBRA and many of the girls and other unique space characters around him that appeared in the story.
Left: The famous commemorative first chapter of the story. The main character in the story for juvenile comics that has a cigar in his mouth and is an adult man, caused a wave of surprise in Japan of the 70's.

UP: From "Rugball". Shown is the watercolor illustration on the cover. This was a very popular TV series animation that was rebroadcast many times.
Secret(middle), Xanadu from 'Magicdoll'(Left),
Opheria from 'Hell crusaders'
UP: In the ship 'Turtle'

LEFT: Sevret with the ship of the Galaxy patrol
UP: The view from '[Mt. Kagerou] climbing' (unpublished image)
UP: The view from 'Mgic Doll' (unpublished image)
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