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Above: The country of Yamato, Jipangu (an early Portuguese name for Japan).
A steam-powered vehicle moves through the town that is a modern city for its time. However, at the same time, a strange magical power is also present. This is Japan, but might be located in another world.
Above: The main character, Takeru. Accompanied by his sidekick Bumbuku (lower left), his Kotodama energy radiates from him when defence and offence needed.
However, he is quick to fall in love, and is infatuated with the Kaze-hime(windy princess, below), a mistress of Jipangu. Because of her desires, he encounters an unforeseen situation while on his way to investigate the shrine of Himiko, the great Empress of Jipangu.
below: The daughter of the leader of the Windy Tribe family in Yakumo clouds Valley, Hie-en (swift swallow). She is good at the martial arts and can fight on even ground with Evil Madoushi's underlings. However, her origins are clouded in mystery. It is said that her body gives off a green light on moonlit nights.
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