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We regret to announce you that Terasawa must decline the participation to Japan EXPO 2018. The following is the letter for Japan EXPO and ISAN MANGA
Thank you for your continuous support for inviting our manga artist, Buichi Terasawa to Japan Expo.
Itfs hard to say this, but due to the Terasawa's health condition doesn't allow long time travel by airplane, he must decline your kind offer.
We, the author and copyright management office A-GIRL LIGHTS Co. Ltd., and Terasawa are very sorry to give up to participate Japan Expo.
Regarding this project, yes it's as a big project to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the work "COBRA", we were looking forward to meeting with ISAN MANGA and fans of Japan EXPO that were working with us for long time.
We were having expectation to get well but as closely as I am closing, as a result of medical examination, we have to decide difficult decision to put off participating in Japan Expo this time.
It would be greatly appreciated if we could understand what we also made a heart - rending decision.
Thank you for your understanding and love with Buichi Terasawa and his works, and we appreciate your continued support in the future.
(20 june 2018)

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