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The Knobby nose ..the drooping eyes..
The cigar always on his mouth that floated the smile.
All of you may think he is an effeminate man.

However, nobody in the galxy doesn't know his name.
His name is COBRA, COBRA the space pirate.

He cruises around Galaxy looking for exciting adventures with his ship 'The Turtle'.
Also with 'Psychgun' in his left arm and his beautiful partner "Armaroid Lady".

A space adventure, the representative worked Buichi Terasawa.
1977-1984, carried in Weekly Jump, a weekly comic book, published by Shueisha.

From 1982, the TV animation series, "Space COBRA" was broadcast.

In 1989, a CD-ROM viewable on PC Engine,"COBRA: Legend of The Black Dragon King" went on sale.

From 1995, the COBRA story was carried again in Shueisha's Weekly Jump.

And now, from 2005 April, "COBRA the space pirate - Magic Doll" is being carried,in Meda Factory's Comic Flapper.

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